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>> Monday, July 11, 2016

It's been a long time since I last read something I felt I had to write about.  I've read lots of good books and recommended many of them to others, but most don't inspire the compulsion to sit down and write a review.  This one did.

I just finished reading Rosaria Butterfield's coming-to-faith story.  It is the incredible, gut-wrenching, heart-warming account of how God took hold of a militant feminist, lesbian English professor and over time ~ through years of struggle and conflict ~ has shaped her into a marvelous example of His mercy and grace, lived out in many different ways during the various stages of her life.

Her story is an amazing one ~ written with raw openness ~ not just because of the complete turn-around in several key aspects of her life, but because of the way she and her family live out the Gospel like very few in our society do.  It is a beautiful, refreshing, inspiring example of God's redemption story.

I won't lie: this small book requires a lot of pondering time.  Butterfield makes some very eye-opening observations about the Christian faith, lifestyle, and God's Word ~ the kind made by much deeper thinkers than myself and by people who can write from a perspective of being on the outside looking in; she startled me a few times.  I'd be willing to bet that would be the case for many North American Christians, if not most.  She is obviously not just highly educated, but a constant pursuer of understanding, whether she's examining Scripture, taking the pulse of her community, or getting to know a new foster child.  She encourages and inspires all fellow Believers to do the same.

It was Rosaria's 4-part interview on Revive Our Hearts that sparked the purchase of her book and I highly encourage you to listen to that, too. In fact, starting there would probably be beneficial.  I believe she provides some excellent, much-needed wisdom to apply to our Church's current struggle to address homosexuality from a Gospel perspective. There too, I heard arguments and observations I'd never heard presented before.  Reading the book afterwards provided more depth to the interview, but also added some helpful follow-through.

I plan on re-reading this book and making notes next time to possibly share here on the blog, but in the meantime, I just can't recommend strongly enough that you read it for yourself.  It's SO worth the time and effort to get to know this very learned scholar and deeply devoted follower of Christ.


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