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>> Friday, May 29, 2015

Said no one EVER when discussing the miserable, wintery temperatures at a track meet on May 29. (it actually SNOWED briefly this morning!!)
That's 43F for the Celsius-challenged.  ;)
For REAL.  And, when you factor in the brisk north breeze and the lack of sunshine, it was just a brutal day to spend outside.  So I didn't.  I normally spend a good percentage of the day watching, but not today!

The nasty weather definitely affected everyone's overall performances.  No one seemed to do as well as they had at the meet two weeks ago, when the mercury peaked at about 24°/75F.  But despite the conditions today, Mack and AJ together still managed to place first, second, or third in 11 events between the two of them.  Which makes their total track season ribbon tally to...

So yeah, I'm a pretty proud mom.

Wimpy, but proud.  :)

This Photo A Day list is actually from 2012, but I'm belatedly playing along anyway. (click the graphic to enlarge for details)


The Weather Today

>> Thursday, May 28, 2015

As if that could be summed up with just one picture. HA, not in Manitoba... and especially not in spring!!

Today started out like most this week have ~ very warm and a little humid.  I finished mowing the lawn just after 11, dripping sweat (sorry, was that more than you wanted to know?), and discovered our thermometer was already reading 23°C/73F.  There was a bit of a breeze, but within our windbreak, it didn't amount to much.

I did a few things in the house, but felt guilty about not including the dog in any of my morning "exercising" and so I took him for a short walk along our mile road about an hour later.  The dark clouds had almost reached us and the wind was noticeably colder and stronger.

Shortly thereafter, it actually started to rain.  The skies have looked like this several times over the last month, but we've had barely a trace of moisture in the last 6 weeks.  It's been great for farmers and gardeners to get their seeds in the ground, but most have been kinda praying for rain already!

It was sort of the perfect rain, too.  Not a heavy downpour, but just a steady, gentle soak as I headed into town to pick up groceries and a stranded Mack, whose after-school track practice at the high school was understandably cancelled.  The temperature reading in my car showed we were down to 9°/48F.

It was still dripping a little while The Man barbecued supper, but quit while we ate and the sun reappeared briefly.

But now as I write at 10pm, we're down to 6°/43F and there's a fire roaring in my woodstove in the basement.  There's a risk of frost overnight, especially if the skies clear off like the forecast is predicting.  Since the lack of rain has stalled seed germination in my garden, it won't really affect me a whole lot, but there are a lot of green fields already that I'm betting won't hold up well to frost.

This was really the perfect day for this kind of photo assignment.
Welcome to Spring in my neck of the woods.

This Photo A Day list is actually from 2012, but I'm belatedly playing along anyway. (click the graphic to enlarge for details)


Time for Something Sweet

>> Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yesterday's Photo-A-Day May assignment was 12 o'clock, and since midnight crept out as quietly as it had come (with me completely oblivious!!), noon was pretty much my last chance.  At which time I believe I happened to be down in my cobwebby, dungeon-y basement folding laundry sans-camera.

Well, NOW what??

So on the dot of 3 pm, I decided to put my feet up, enjoy a tall glass of homemade iced cappuccino, and to take a page from the country song, "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere..."

Because on a raft about halfway between California and Hawaii it totally woulda been 12 o'clock.  And an iced cap would most certainly have hit the spot.

Fortuitously, since I still had half a pitcher left over and my best friend came over for a quick visit in the late afternoon today, I have a photo that qualifies four times over for Day 27's "something sweet":

A sweet visit with a very sweet friend, soaking up the sweet sunshine, sipping our sweet, icy coffees.  It doesn't get sweeter than that.

Oh wait, actually maybe it does...

At the time of this visit, Mack was helping The Man refinish my dining room table and AJ was on the tractor, mowing the lawn.  Boy, it doesn't really matter what angle you view it from, that was one sweet afternoon I had today!!

This Photo A Day list is actually from 2012, but I'm belatedly playing along anyway. (click the graphic to enlarge for details)


Photo-A-Day May Weekend Edition

>> Monday, May 25, 2015

Friday was Day 22: Pink.  I happen to have a favourite t-shirt that's pink.  It's about the only t-shirt I have that's also nice enough to wear out in public.  And... since The Man and I ended up heading out of town on a spur-of-the-moment full-day DATE on Day 22, I decided to wear it.

The girls had been invited for sleep-overs with good friends of theirs and wouldn't be home till suppertime on Saturday, so we decided to head out of town to a larger centre about two hours away for a bit of shopping and eating out.  :)

Day 23: Technology.  I know for this assignment most participants probably posted pictures of their gadgets and do-dads, but I went for low-tech and found some old-style box fans and watering cans at the greenhouse where I went shopping for the last of our garden plants.  I also found Day 24's assignment,something new: my 13 tomato and six jalapeno plants.

Normally, I wait till the first Saturday in June to put plants in the garden, but since the cherry tomato is already sporting one bunch of tiny tomatoes and quite a few flowers, I'm thinking I probably won't wait quite that long.  Plus, it's getting pretty top-heavy for its little pot!

Today, Photo-A-Day-May was hoping I'd be able to find something unusual to photograph.  Very few things happen around here that are unusual, but Mack noted this morning that we couldn't see the bus coming down the road towards our house anymore.

Last week Wednesday the budding greenness around the valley finally became actual leaves, and over the weekend reached the point where our windbreak is now an opaque wall of foliage.  On Friday morning we could still see the bus's lights through the hedge as it approached, but not today!  And since this condition really only exists for about the last 3-4 weeks at the end of the school year and 1-3 weeks at the beginning, it does almost qualify for "unusual."


This Photo A Day list is actually from 2012, but I'm belatedly playing along anyway. (click the graphic to enlarge for details)



>> Thursday, May 21, 2015

So today, Photo-A-Day-May wants to know where I stand.

I stand a lot of places!  In front of the kitchen sink, at the kitchen counter, in front of the bathroom sink, at the dining room window, at the front door when the girls leave for school, at the back door when The Man leaves for work... you get the idea.  You probably have similar standing habits.

But it was when I sat down to have my morning quiet time and read my Bible that a song from my childhood popped into my head:

The B-I-B-L-E,
yes, that's the Book for me!
I stand alone
on the Word of God,
The B-I-B-L-E!

This is where I stand.  It's an ancient platform, and my particular copy is well worn, faded, and held together with clear duct tape.  I don't always stand very steadily, and sometimes I find myself stumbling and falling, but The Word remains.

It's never my Foundation that crumbles; it's me.

Thankfully, amazingly, this Foundation has the power not only to withstand the tests of time, it has the power to strengthen me.  The more I stand on it and study it, the steadier and more sure-footed I become.

This Photo A Day list is actually from 2012, but I'm belatedly playing along anyway. (click the graphic to enlarge for details)


My Happy Place

>> Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 19's a no-brainer.

There are many places I've visited in my life, from the exotic to the local, and most of those are places I'd love to be again ~ some to visit, and some I dream of living in.  But really, of all those locations, this is still my favourite:

And quite frankly, today's assignment ~ "something you can't live without" ~ doesn't require much consideration either.  See Day 9.  ;)


This Photo A Day list is actually from 2012, but I'm belatedly playing along anyway. (click the graphic to enlarge for details)


Photo-a-Day-May Long Weekend

>> Monday, May 18, 2015

Playin' a little "catch-up" here today.  It's not like I didn't take any pictures this weekend, I just didn't take the time to post them. My parents were out for the long weekend (Victoria Day up here in Canada) and so I wasn't quite as concerned about keeping up. In fact, I actually missed yesterday's assignment altogether!

There was lots to love on Friday.  It was the first of two middle school track meets and this year, for the first time, BOTH girls were involved.  It's tough to cheer two kids on at the same time when they're competing at opposite ends of the field!!

Here's Mack on the left, working on breaking the Grade 7 Valley high jump record (she won the event handily, but didn't quite make the local all-time record), and AJ on the right, streaking towards the finish line to win the Grade 5 girls' 4X100m relay.

Between the two girls, we have TWELVE new ribbons this year ~ six 1st place, and three each of 2nd and 3rd place!!  We also have a Valley record, though not in an event that Mack was even thinking about records at all.  Just days before the meet, she was asked to join a Grade 8 girls' relay team for two races, and in their 4X50m event, they shaved a full second off the standing Grade 8 record for our area.  Being a year younger than the rest of her team, you can bet she's pretty happy with that!

And then, like I mentioned earlier, my parents arrived at suppertime, and of course, I love them.  And the word happens to be embroidered on the sweater my mom wore that day, so that was very apropos.

Saturday, though I didn't have any time for reading, I remembered to take a picture of the books I'm currently working through.  Funny how the thin one is taking a lot longer than the thick one...

Sunday I completely forgot to take a "snack" picture.  The only snack we had was in the evening ~ Apple German Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce ~ and I thought about photographing it only after most of us had licked our bowls clean.   Ain't nobody wants to see that! :P

And that brings us to today: "something you made."  Other than food (and my daughters, for which I feel I can take at least SOME of the credit...), I couldn't really think of anything.  But this flower pot came to mind as I noticed my Mother's Day begonia crowding its current enclosure:

I painted it several years ago, but since I'm not crafty or handy or really even very artistic, this will have to suffice.  It was a rare moment of inspiration and I'm still pretty proud of it!

Too bad it's also too small for my begonia.


This Photo A Day list is actually from 2012, but I'm belatedly playing along anyway. (click the graphic to enlarge for details)


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