It's SPRING!! (syn. WET)

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Well, after last weekend's 5 inches of heavy, thick, wet snow...

and temperatures since then building to yesterday's delightfulness...

we have a lot of WATER.  EVERYWHERE!!

The customary trouble spots in the roads are under water, the rivers are thoroughly swollen, and like usual, the lower school ground is under a few feet of water.

Check out the whirlpool on the left-hand side.

Here's a close-up of the swirling vortex where the water is being drained down through the culvert that leads the water under the road.  The diameter is only about a foot and a half, but the suction is incredible.   It sounds pretty scary.

You can see the weeds and tall grasses that generally mark the edge of the school yard just to the upper right of the drain.  This is normally just a marshy, soggy, little creek-bed for most of the year.

On the other side of the road, the generally dry pasture with a tiny little creek that dries up every summer looks like this:

The run-off becoming a wild, rushing tributary to the river that cuts a course just beyond the trees in the background.

There's rain and cooler temps in the forecast now for the next few days, so it will be a while before this water disappears, but it is really amazing how fast things can change.  In the morning the river a mile west of our house had risen well over its banks and the bridge directly south of the school yard (just a few hydro poles south down the same road, actually) was completely under water.  By the time I came home from work, the bridge was dry again and the river was back within its banks with massive ice chunks sitting high and dry in the field and among the trees.  That always kind of blows me away.

How does spring look in your neck of the woods?

White Water Rafting


Just for fun, 2014 Edition

>> Friday, April 4, 2014

Last year, I decided to see how the beginning of April had looked around here for the previous several years.  I managed to find a picture taken April 3 every single year since '09!!  And naturally, because I have a thing for precision, I had to take one yesterday as well and add it to the collection...

Interestingly, the last two years look very similar, but it's for two very different reasons.  Last year we had WAY more snow than normal, so much HAD already melted by the time the picture was taken.  This year, it's been so cold till now that none of the normal amount of snow we got this winter has had much chance to melt yet.

Either way, I'm always more than ready for it to look like this...


Practicing Gratitude 04.03

>> Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pfft, and there goes another month.  Just like that!

I feel like we've been so busy and yet I know we haven't really done a whole lot other than our usual routine.  And work.

Oh, except for my first ever snowmobile trip a couple of weeks ago!!  Which I'm thankful I survived.  ;)

It's really just not my thing.  And I'll be honest, when I realized it wasn't just going to be for a quick little jaunt, I settled in to resenting it and being anxious about something going wrong.  It was terribly hard to relax and part of me didn't even want to, so that I would be able to complain more afterwards about every bone-jarring bump we hit.  My last snowmobile ride ~ about nine years ago ~ ended in me getting thrown face-first into a hard, icy snowbank while my leg got caught and twisted under the machine, so it wasn't hard for me to not really want to risk repeating the experience.  But the girls were having such a great time and The Man was excited to be able to do something like that again (we traded our snow machine for the quad a number of years ago), so I decided for their sake I would try not to hate it quite so much.  (At least, not quite so obviously as I'd originally planned!)

And you know what?  I actually didn't have a bad day.  I got better at anticipating the bumps and leaning into the turns.  By the time we were about halfway in, even my arms and hands could relax, only gripping The Man's sides when navigating the sharper turns.  The trails through the heavily wooded areas were really quite beautiful.  The warm-up shacks along the trail were cozy and inviting.  (amazing how an outhouse and an empty shack with just a woodstove and hard benches can seem pretty stinkin' luxurious after an hour or two on the back seat of a snowmobile!!)
The one picture I have,
taken by our host
just before we hit the trails.
I think The Man is trying to
convince me I will survive!  ;)
The lookouts from high points in the hills were spectacular, and we saw four deer, two Great Grey owls, and a moose on our travels.  Unfortunately, because I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't want to risk wrecking anything, I didn't bring my camera along.  Boo.

I was quite stiff and sore for several days afterwards (we did 91 kms/56.5 mi of trails in about four hours, according to our host's trip odometer!), but I'm thankful for the time we could spend with friends whom we hadn't seen in a long, long time, doing something they really enjoy.  And that I allowed God to work on my heart and change my attitude about the day.

I'm thankful the girls and their grandparents could continue the tradition of spending Spring Break together in the city this week.  My parents were out last weekend to visit and pick them up, and we're planning to meet up with The Man's parents somewhere on Saturday to bring them home.  It's been quiet around here this week, but nice to have a slightly more flexible schedule for a change, too!

I'm thankful for Spring, even though it doesn't look the way I'd like it to because it hasn't been warm the way it normally is this time of year either.  But it's coming.  It always does!  Another reminder that God is faithful week in, week out; year after year.  And I'm grateful for the difference the sun makes, even if the air temperature isn't as warm as it should be.

What are you most thankful for today?



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