WW: Winter's Last Day

>> Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Now, if only it would FEEL like winter was over...

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Two Typical Days

>> Monday, March 17, 2014

...in March on the Canadian prairies.

March 6              March 7

The eternal struggle between winter and spring.
Which, thank goodness, winter loses every year.


St. Patty's Rain Shamrocks Rainbow


Practicing Gratitude 03.06

>> Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's MARCH.  Can you even believe it??  (I can't believe it's been so long since I had time and thoughts to share, either!)

I'm thankful this winter has gone by so fast.  It really has.  I guess it helps to have a seasonal job that's most demanding in February.  That has always felt like the longest month, but these last three Februaries at the accounting firm have kept me so busy the month just flies now.

I'm thankful for the job, but I'll admit, I'm grateful the pace slows dramatically in March.  It will gradually build again until the final frenzied week of tax season at the end of April, but it's never the same as February.  I'm grateful for more time at home again, and being able to get back on top of things here.

I'm thankful the "polar vortex" has FINALLY vacated our neck of the woods!  WOOT!! Beginning March with a combined windchill temperature of -52 (-62F) was harsh, but yesterday was already up to a balmy -15 (5F) with light, fluffy snow gently falling most of the day.  It felt so good to enjoy a first-thing-in-the-morning walk again!  The past six weeks at work combined with the short daylight hours and insanely cold temperatures have provided few opportunities for walking at all, but the long-range forecast now looks much more seasonal and bearable.  And with Daylight Saving Time beginning on Sunday and lengthening our evenings, I also look forward to the option of walking after supper.  I have so missed my "Father/daughter" time on my mile road!

I'm grateful for the difference the sun already makes in the temperatures, too.  It amazes me how suddenly about mid-February, you realize the sun actually FEELS warm again. (provided you're out of the wind!)  I love how temps can jump 20 degrees from early morning to mid-afternoon on a clear day.

I'm thankful for the weekend visit we just had with The Man's parents.  They came out to watch the girls' curling bonspiel again and were at our house from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.  It was a full weekend ~ we had one of the girls' school friends over for the weekend as well since she also curls with our girls and her parents had to go out of town.  So it was a house-full, but it was a good time.  Neither of the girls' teams did terribly well this year, but by the time supper rolled around, they'd already watched a movie and played outside, so any bad feelings had completely evaporated!  (it was a much shorter day than it has been in the past and we were home just after 3.)

What are YOU most thankful for this week?


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