10 Ways to Love

>> Friday, February 14, 2014

Found this on Pinterest a long time ago and thought it was fitting for today, whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not.

Because really, it's fitting EVERY day.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

(and happy 17th anniversary to us!!)


Practicing Gratitude 02.13

>> Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hosted in February by Iris @ Grace AloneFebruary.  Generally my favourite month to hate.  I'm so ready for winter to be over already and yet I know there will be a good whole month before it's going to start feeling at least a little like it's over.  And it'll be another whole month after that before it LOOKS like it's over!  Sheesh.  It's just that time of year when it feels like winter's already lasted forever and yet we know it stretches on past the horizon into the future yet, too.  Blecgh.

Anyway, good thing I've been given eyes that see beauty and blessing in ANY season!  That, my friends, I've come to realize is an indispensable gift.  I didn't develop it until relatively recently, but I am so grateful God gave me that ability.  And I'm thankful for my blogging community from a few years ago ~ many of whom were southerners ~ who helped me discover it as they regularly expressed amazement and asked me how I could survive these Canadian prairie winters.  All y'all inspired me to take more pictures for blogging purposes, and looking at winter through the camera's lens gave me an appreciation that wasn't there before.  Thank you!!

I am also grateful that weather and seasons no longer dictate how I feel about my day, my week, my life.  Not that I'm entirely unaffected by a month-long deep-freeze in winter or a gloomy, wet week in summer, but things like that seem to have a lot less control of me than they used to.

I'm grateful for almost 17 years of marriage to a wonderful man.  Our anniversary is tomorrow.  He's been gone much of the last two weeks, living in a semi-truck again, and I don't expect he'll be around in time to celebrate on the actual day.  Which is okay, because one of the many drawbacks of having an anniversary on Valentine's Day is that flowers are way more expensive and restaurants are way too busy!  I think there's only been a handful of years where we actually went out to celebrate on the 14th.  But regardless of what day we get to celebrate, there IS something to celebrate.  I'm grateful for a strong marriage that has lasted as long as it has.  We're still trying to figure out this whole "partnership" thing, so I'm hoping for at least another 17 years.  Maybe by then we'll have our act together!  :)

I'm grateful for daughters who are turning into mature, responsible young ladies.  I've been leaving them a to-do list for after school on the days I work till 5:00, and so far, they've exceeded my expectations in both what they accomplish and the attitude with which they do it.  I can't figure out why they seem to embrace housework so much more when I'm not around, but I'm sure gonna milk it!!  I'm very thankful they help out like they do in the months I'm working.  (Now I just need to figure out how to get them to maintain that standard once I'm home full-time again!!)

What are YOU thankful for this week?

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