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>> Sunday, October 2, 2011

I often wonder how much we really think about what we're singing in church every Sunday.  I played an old favourite hymn at the close of the service a while ago, but I had to question how honest I was being.

It may not be on the mountain's height, Or over the stormy sea;
It may not be at the battle's front My Lord will have need of me.
But if by a still, small voice He calls To paths that I do not know,
I'll answer, dear Lord, with my hand in Thine, "I'll go where You want me to go."

I'll go where You want me to go, dear Lord,
over mountain, or plain, or sea.
I'll say what You want me to say, dear Lord.
I'll be what You want me to be.

Really?  Even a Sunday school teacher, week in, week out, all year long?  Even volunteering to be on the weekly church-cleaning rotation?  Even a Bible study leader?  A gracious host to friends, family, and people we don't know so well when hospitality doesn't come naturally?  Saying, "Why don't we pray about it right now?" when a friend is sharing her burdens, and then praying together even when it's not something I'm particularly comfortable with?

Am I really willing to go where He wants me to go, or do what He wants me to do ~ BE who He wants me to be ~ when that still, small voice whispers, "I need you right here."?


A New Peoplehood Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 9:19:00 AM CDT  

Tammi, I resonate with that feeling as well. More recently, I have come to two views on this. The song, whichever one I am singing, can make me question myself; motives, sincerity, willingness, hypocrisy. The song also serves as a way of encouraging me to do what I may NOT be doing. Maybe songs, responsive readings...etc., are designed to have this twofold function. I have heard people say of responsive readings and public readings of confessions that they are afraid they will read it and think they are good for the week...or, that they don't really agree to all the things being read. I think those types of readings can help move us toward the goal. We are, after all, creatures of habit so we often need such repetitious action in order to form actions which may one day come more naturally to us. Just some thoughts on the topic. Thanks for sharing Tammi.

mom Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 2:30:00 PM CDT  

Good stuff, Tammi! It's a moment by moment surrender and HE IS FAITHFUL when you are doing exactly what HE wants you to do! I say......go for it!

Tammy ~@~

Paula Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 10:56:00 AM CDT  

I've often thought about that too... and wondered how many times I go "through the motions" not thinking about the words I'm singing or saying. If I really worshipped Him with my whole heart, I WOULD mean those words!
Wonderful post, dear!

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