gone fishin' campin'

>> Friday, June 27, 2008

RV I'm off for a weekend of camping. And I'm feeling less than wonderful. I managed to fight off the cold Peanut and The Bushman caught earlier, but it's finally found me. Per-r-r-rfect timing.

We still haven't decided if we're leaving today after lunch or tomorrow, but we're leaving. It's supposed to rain all day today, but it hasn't started yet, so I guess if it still hasn't by the time we're completely done packing up, we'll be leaving today! We can stay until Tuesday afternoon if we want to, but I'm not sure we'll go that long. We'll see how long the food holds out!!

So to all the Canadians out there, have a great weekend and don't forget to...

Canada Day

Like that would even be possible ~ it's a statutory holiday, for pete's sake!! Heck, that alone is worth celebrating, even if you're not terribly patriotic!

And to everyone else, a great weekend to you too, and a big ol' HAPPY JULY to everyone!! (Further salutations regarding other prominent national holidays are fourth-coming! Haha, get it? FOURTH-coming? Wow, what a wicked play on words!)

Alrighty then, I'm outta here.

But not before leaving you with some sage and timely beach preparedness advice that I read almost two months ago (and yes, I began this post moments after reading it, and it's been killing me to wait this long to share it!!!):

Remember, there is ALWAYS somebody bigger than you,
wearing a smaller swimsuit.
Find them.
Place your towel next to them.


PS. And no, it's not your imagination. I did switch back to the old two-column blog template. I found all the pictures and additional writing on the two sidebars to be somewhat cluttered and busy feeling, and the space for actual blogging and sharing pictures a little too cramped. So I went back to the old style. We'll see how long this makes me happy!


wellness wednesday

>> Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CWO's Live Well Wednesdays And I repeat,

Sorry, I still haven't quite gotten over the shock of it all from last week. Because I'm STILL doing it.

And BECAUSE I'm still doing it, I've averaged just over FIVE activity points to add each day over the last week.

Which means I feel like I haven't had to deny myself anything in the food department, even on my low-points days. And even with a weekend of company again, complete with cake and ice cream...

I'm down another 3.6 lbs!!!

Raise The Roof 1
Which means I've earned me another one of these babies:


Running Man

Okay, and then reality comes crashing down around me and I realize that instead of going back to a "regular" points schedule for the week, I have 2-3 days of camping to plan for. And by camping, I mean camping in a tent trailer on a completely unserviced site, so no electricity to keep my little fridge cold (it can run on propane too, but that only keeps it cool-ish). Which means more canned convenience foods, including cheese and "meat," and other non-perishable snacks like granola bars, crackers, and puddings than I'd like to have to include. Not exactly your Weight Watchers points-friendly type stuff.

Hopefully the weather will do what the forecasters are saying it will and be conducive to lots of swimming and walking! I'm gonna need all the additional activity points I can get!

Children Playing


summer solstice weekend

>> Monday, June 23, 2008

Can you believe it? The longest day of the year has already come and gone! If I dwell on it, this makes me a little sad, but what a good thing my parents were here for the weekend to help me keep my mind off it!

It was a pretty low-key weekend. As in, we did pretty much nothing.

Took a few walks. Had some snacks. Exchanged some more presents. Ate some more food. Introduced my parents to the world of Corner Gas ~ "40 kilometres from nowhere and WAY beyond normal." Had some cake and ice cream. You know, that kind of weekend.

Hope yours was a peaceful one, too!


photostory friday: Fathers Day

>> Friday, June 20, 2008

And a very happy Fathers Day was had by all!!

The girls still talk about daddy's old, broken SuperSoaker even though it got thrown out two years ago and I'm pretty sure Fidget doesn't actually even remember it, so I thought their gift to him for Fathers Day should be a new one. (And yes, I came up with the idea and bought it without their knowledge, even though it was supposedly from them ~ they totally SUCK at keeping secrets!!)

As he was opening the package and promising the girls how wet they would get, I brought another package out of the closet and presented Peanut and Fidget with soakers of their own. Let the games begin!!

Daddy may be out-numbered and may not be able to run as long as his girls can (man, they can just run FOREVER!!), but his soaker definitely shoots further!!

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PhotoStory Friday


wellness wednesday

>> Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CWO's Live Well WednesdaysUmmmmmm..... Note to self: even though you're getting company, it's not wise to devise a points-for-the-week strategy that has FOUR high points days in a row, RIGHT before weigh-in day. Du~uh.

That's right; you guessed it. I actually showed a gain of 1 lb yesterday, on my official weigh-in day. Dang. I was also not terribly disciplined in the use of my high-points days either. In fact, two of them turned into points-free days. So maybe I should be thankful that after 2 high-points days AND 2 points-FREE days, I only gained one pound!! Of course, this morning, I weighed myself again and was thankful to see I was almost 2 lbs lighter, so while this last week will still go down in the record book as being a gain, it seems I probably didn't.

BUT, you can bet my strategy for the coming week will be different, even though my parents will be here Friday supper to Monday lunch!

I did have two distinct victories this last week however. Last Wednesday, I ran into a friend from church at the grocery store who asked if Fidget and I would like to go for lunch with her. I panicked momentarily because I was having a 20-pt day, but didn't really want to turn down the invitation either. So I said yes.

While perusing the menu, I debated giving myself a points-free day. I'd factored in the eating I knew I'd do on the weekend when I made my "points strategy" for the week, but that strategy included being VERY strict on Wednesday, Thursday, and yesterday. Maybe I could get away with a points-free day. But no, I knew I'd want a points-free day on the weekend, too.

I didn't want to be strict at the restaurant. I didn't want to stick to my 20-pt plan for the day. What I really WANTED was a big ol' Philly cheesesteak sandwich and fries with a Coke. Or maybe a pizza and an iced tea. (in Canada, it's a given that iced tea is sweetened)

But instead I made a conscious decision to stick to my original plan. I ordered a small chicken fajita caesar salad with extra lemon wedges and the dressing on the side. There was MAYBE 1/8 c. of chicken and a tablespoon of croutons and a couple shreds of parmesan cheese on a bed of lettuce. I covered the salad with fresh squeezed lemon juice and about a tsp. of the dressing. And proceeded to enjoy my 5-point salad.

Knowing that I'd resisted the temptation to give in.

The other discovery I've made is that I love my elliptical all of a sudden. Up until last week, I hated the thing. It squeaks like you would not believe and trying to watch TV over the sound of its protestations is just annoying.

I never thought of listening to music until The Bushman suggested it ~ the old stereo we have in the room where the elliptical is has much better speakers than the ancient little TV. It's been awesome!! I find I'm actually VOLUNTARILY JOGGING for half an hour almost every day, even if I've already walked outside AND mowed lawn!!



It's just truly the most bizarre thing, but you know, I love how powerful it makes me feel. When I'm all sweaty and winded (sorry if that's too much information!), I feel the most kick-a$$. Like I can handle ANYTHING. My plan is to start doing that first thing in the morning.

So those were definitely the Living Well hi-lites of the week for me!! What victories did you have this week?

Italian Restaurant


the weekend

>> Monday, June 16, 2008

This past weekend was a full one ~ Fathers Day, of course, Fidget's fourth birthday (which was on Fathers Day this year), and The Bushman's parents and one sister came up for a visit as well to help us celebrate all these momentous occasions.

On Sunday morning, while waiting for brunch to bake, we did the Fathers Day and birthday gifts ~ it was like having Christmas in summer! There were gifts for both dads, for Fidget, and even a very belated one for Peanut, whose gift her auntie had lost in the shuffle of moving several months ago.

My father-in-law had brought his fishing boat up with them and so after brunch, the men spent their day fishing on one of the nearby lakes and us ladies spent much of the day just hanging out outside.

The weekend was over all too soon, but hey, we get to have more fun and presents this coming weekend when MY parents come for a visit!!

Hope y'all had a...

Fathers Day 2


never thought i'd ever say this...

>> Friday, June 13, 2008

But today I'm thankful for very mushy, rain-soaked gravel roads.

This morning as we waited for the bus on the opposite side of the road from our house, Shadow played with the neighbours' dog. We watched the rain approaching and marvelled at how we were warm and sunny and yet we could see the rain was only a couple of miles away.

Our cats often come part-way down the driveway, too, to see Peanut off to school, but usually, they keep their distance from the dogs' antics.

This time, however, one decided to cross the road to be closer to us. As a car and the schoolbus were almost to where we stood.

And then Shadow decided the cat should be chased home. And then the neighbours' dog decided to chase the car ~ he likes to get a bit of a head start. So now there's a cat and two dogs on the road. And our dog has been distracted from his cat-chasing mission by the neighbour dog's car-chasing plan. And the car is now only a few feet away.

THUMP. It hits Shadow square in the ribs and he bounces off into the ditch. I feel sick. The girls scream.

The bus stops behind the car, which has also stopped, and I herd Peanut onto the bus, telling her it'll all be okay. The bus leaves and the clouds are now covering the sun.

And Shadow runs to the woman who's getting out of her car. Then to me, then to Fidget, almost knocking her down as he resumes play-fighting with the neighbours' dog.

I reassure the woman who lives a mile away, saying our dog appears unscathed. "It's just a good thing you'd already slowed down," I say.

She laughs and says, "I didn't slow down ~ you just can't drive any faster in this sludge!"

And it's true. The roads are a mucky disaster.

And today I'm extremely thankful for that. Because if the roads had been dry and hard, even if she'd slowed some from the customary 80-90 kmh (50-56 mph), we'd be dog-less once again.

As Fidget and I turn to head back to our yard, we see a little chunk of rainbow in the sky. The day is looking better already.

And Shadow runs ahead, thoroughly punishing the cat, who's been gloating the whole time from the other side of the road. I think he planned the whole thing.


photostory friday

>> Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whether you can tell or not, this is the fox that has been hanging around our yard this spring. This picture was taken through a window and this was as close as I could zoom in with my camera. He/she's at the very opposite corner of the yard. Here it's hanging out with two magpies ~ just out of sight is an old granary where The Bushman had hung two pig skins just the day before that we are drying for the dog, so the smell was likely driving them all a little crazy. Cute as the fox is, we're hoping to rid ourselves of it yet. Don't REALLY want to risk having a potential rabies carrier makin' itself at home here on our yard.

After taking the picture, I took a shot at it, and missed, but we haven't seen it since.

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wellness wednesday

>> Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CWO's Live Well WednesdaysWow, this past week has been rough.

I never realized how much I've been taking for granted getting in my activity points each day until it rained for two and a half days this past weekend. It started raining on Friday before I'd made up my mind to go for a walk and then it rained until about mid-morning on SUNDAY! If I could have walked on a paved road, I'd have gone anyway (at least on Sunday), but of course, we're all about the sand and gravel out here, so the roads get incredibly mushy after a thorough soaking like that. I finally went for a walk again on Monday (actually two, because I couldn't resist a piece of fresh bread at supper!) and yesterday was mowing for an hour and a half PLUS a one-hour, 4-mile walk.

So yes, it's been tough because each day since starting WW, I've been able to almost automatically add 2 to 4 activity points ~ and often a couple more yet ~ and suddenly.... NOT. It was rough to have a couple of less-than-20 pt days!!

Another thing that plagued me this week was the munchies. I don't know if it's got something to do with my monthly cycle or if it's more psychological and that the novelty of keeping a food journal is wearing off... I don't know. But I know my food choices weren't nearly as healthy this past week and as a result, I didn't get to eat as much and a much higher percentage of my points came from stuff that they shouldn't have. And as a result, I couldn't eat the same quantities I had been in the previous three weeks and I felt hungry more often. Which led to an awful lot of reluctant temptation fighting. (Even now, I'm drooling at the thought of an A&W Teen Burger, fries with gravy, and a large rootbeer!)

But despite starving myself to eat more cr&p, I still managed to lose another 2.8 lbs., bringing me to a total loss of 13 lbs since May 15.

These next two weeks will not be without their challenges, though ~ on Friday there's a kindergarten family potluck supper, this weekend The Bushman's parents and one sister will be here for two days (during which we'll be celebrating Fathers Day AND Fidget's 4th birthday), and then the following weekend, my mom and dad will be here. And then is kindergarten "grad" for Peanut.

Hmmmm, family get-togethers, school functions, special occasions..... I see a few more laps around the block in my near future!!

Eating Pie


wellness wednesday

>> Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CWO's Live Well Wednesdays
I want you all to drop what you're doing and head over to Bobbie's blog, 40 Shades of Pink. (you might have to scroll down if she hasn't posted her LWW yet) I think I've only visited her blog on the last two LWWednesdays, but I've been so encouraged and inspired by her attitude and positive examination of her week. She never capitalizes on where she went wrong, but victoriously records where she did well.

It's such a great idea to concentrate on our successes because THAT's what fuels our resolve for the coming week. When we note our failures, they tend to nag at us and thus, we allow them to control us.

We are NOT the sum of our failures!!

One thing I did this last week was allow myself a "points-free" day. Our little town was having a community pancake breakfast and garage sale, so a hotdog/burger/perogie lunch was also available at one of the local churches. And then we'd been invited to my cousin's home for supper in the evening. I KNEW there was no way I'd be able to fit those three meals into my points for the day. So I just scrapped them. I ended up coming home for lunch, so at least I had control over one meal, but I still didn't bother counting.

I knew it was a potential slippery slope and I definitely felt the pull of temptation the next morning to go without counting "just one more day," but I didn't allow myself to slack off. And I still lost weight this week. In fact, I had my biggest weekly weight-loss since starting Weight Watchers on May 15: I'm down another 4.4 lbs! Which brings me to 10.2 total! (Insert happy dance HERE!!)

Wakka WakkaWakka Wakka

I allowed myself one luxurious day of no counting and though I might have lost a few more ounces if I hadn't, I still lost because I was extremely self-disciplined the other 6 days.

But you know what I discovered about allowing myself to "fall off the wagon" that one day? I discovered that I had no desire to eat the way I would have just one month ago. After two pancakes and one lard-stick, I was content. (and they had sugar-free syrup, so that was nice!) A month ago, I probably would have eaten twice that. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I have NOT fallen off the wagon, and allowing one or two days like this a month will give me a greater desire to persevere.

Five years ago when I let my WW membership expire, one of my 'reasons' was that I didn't want to live a life of denying myself restaurant meals or treats. Now I see that complete denial isn't necessary, that I CAN afford to treat myself periodically, and that makes the counting, the figuring, and the hard work a lot more rewarding. You'd think losing weight would be reward enough, but seriously, who wants to swear off eating out for the rest of their lives?!

It CAN be done ~ it can even CONTRIBUTE to your success!!!!

Running Man


makin' some changes

>> Monday, June 2, 2008

Well, I've finally decided how I want to replace the vague "Give more of myself" goal in my "8 in 2008" quest. I'm takin' a break from the computer for the next 4 months.

Well, a break is maybe not quite the right word ~ and really, that's not the goal either. I'm not leaving the blogosphere, just resolving to pull back a little in favour of other things. I plan to not spend a whole lot of recreational time on the computer over the next four months. Which means not so much blog visiting either. So I guess this is not so much a declaration of blog independence, as it is an explanation of a potentially perceived absence over the next months.

The actual GOAL is to get outside.

I read an article on "nature deficit disorder" several months ago and my initial reaction was one of disgust mixed with disbelief mixed with indignation and topped off with a bit of laughter. I mean, seriously? There's a TERM for this? Are you freakin' kidding me?!

But as I continued to read, and then search for more articles on the subject in the weeks that followed, the more I just felt sad. Because you know what? If I don't watch it, my kids will eventually have this too, even though we live out in the country and they have experienced camping, playing with worms, and eating dirt. So why are they still in danger?

Because I spend more time than I care to admit in front of this computer.

And doing what? Mostly nothing. I still spend far more time 'recreationally' on here than for any other reason. My kids are still at the age where they love being outside and seem to never get bored out there, but what happens in a couple of years when they start to feel too grown up to "play" outside, hmm? You can bet that if they have seen their mother glued to a screen for no apparently good reason all their lives, that's where they'll want to be, too. It really bothers me that the office is the first place they go to look for me. That's just wrong.

So I want to wean myself off my cyber-addiction this summer. Just a little. And not only for this ~ though it's probably the biggest and best reason ~ but also because we up here on the Canadian prairies have only a precious few weeks where being outdoors is exciting and fun and offers worlds of experiences, experiments, and adventures that DON'T involve layers and layers of outerwear. Or frostbite. Where the lakes are actually warm enough for swimming.

I desperately need to curb what has become a really bad habit and use my time more wisely. Like for playing outside with my kids, developing a love for looking after my yard in the summertime, and spending time at one of the local water holes. (WATER holes, not water-ING holes!) Like lying down in the grass with the girls and imagining, or enjoying a snack together in their secret hide-out in the windbreak. Like having dirty fingernails from pulling weeds.

Like working so hard and playing so hard that I can fall asleep the instant my head hits the pillow because I know
I've accomplished everything I needed to accomplish that day.

Not necessarily the things on my to-do list, but the RIGHT things. The ones we'll actually remember and cherish a week from today. Maybe even forever.

And so on that note.... it's promising to be a warm and sunny day outside, the lawn needs mowing, and this afternoon I want to be outside. Working and playing. Gotta go.

Picnic Beach Camp Fire Bubbles In The Pool Gardening



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