A Walk Through the Holidays

>> Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December 23rd was my first day of holidays.  The office closed down at noon for the holidays (and stayed closed until this morning), but I always have Fridays off anyway, so even though we had plenty to accomplish, I still had time to get outside.

The Man worked the 24th to 26th, so even though we had a turkey dinner and presents on the "correct" days, it still mostly felt like any other weekend he has to work.  Which was good, in a way, since we would be in The Big City celebrating with our families from the 27th to 31st.  It was good to have those four days beforehand to do the necessary things I always do on the weekends, the seasonal extras, and the packing up to go away, all at a comfortable, relaxed pace.

The sunrise on Christmas Eve day was beautiful.  I had a hard time deciding whether or not I was going to walk this "early" (ha, 8:45am!) or wait until later.  The girls sleep in so late on days off and I love having the house to myself during that time, but watching the colour creep into the sky with each passing moment inspired me to get outside.  It paid off.

And the girls didn't wake up for another half hour after I got back inside!

Gil, the neighbours' puppy often joins us.

I'm not sure if he just didn't hear us over the sound of the wind the next morning, or if he was tied up (he's developed a bit of a wandering problem), but it was just me and Shadow on Christmas day, enjoying the howling wind and pelting snowflakes.

With the trees around our yard sheltering the homestretch of mile road from the wind, the huge flakes weren't nearly as painful!

Boxing Day (a second stat holiday immediately following Christmas Day, observed here in Canada) was bright, mostly clear, and rather chilly, but made for some stunning pictures.

I only got one walk in during the five days that we were gone.  One evening while we were at my parents' place down in The Big City, my mom and I decided to go out, since The Man and my dad had promised to do the supper dishes.  They'd gotten almost a foot of snow just two days earlier, so while the streets were passable, none of the sidewalks had been cleared, which made for some great exercise!  The distance we walked was probably no further than what I normally walk here at home, but took 1.5 times as long!!  It was quite a workout.  But I have no photo evidence.

We got home again just in time to attend TWO New Year's Eve get-togethers and so New Year's Day was the day we slept in.  (Had I not been there myself, experiencing it, I'd never believe I'd stayed up till almost 2 am, but I really did!)  We picked up the girls from their sleepover around noon, and spent the afternoon unpacking, doing laundry, and trying to establish SOME sense of order after being gone.  And returning with more stuff than we'd left with, of course.  I didn't walk until almost sundown.

And yesterday... Well, yesterday I had planned to go for a walk, but I didn't plan well enough.  I should have gone in the morning instead of assuming I'd have time in between grocery shopping and The Man waking up to eat and leave for his night shift.  Because what happened instead of the walk after the grocery shopping was the discovery that our septic pump wasn't running.

AJ had noticed a suspicious puddle on the basement floor next to the pipes it's hooked up to when she went down to throw her laundry into the dryer while I was gone.  FORTUNATELY, it was just groundwater seeping up and not stinky poo water, but it was the tip-off that there were problems.  And fortunately, it's just the float switch that's shot, not the actual pump.  The septic tank was full almost to the brim, and The Man had only an hour between waking up and his carpool arriving, but he managed to rig it so that we can turn the pump on manually with a switch in the basement and run it a few times a day until he gets a chance to wire up the new float.


So no walk yesterday.  But I think my elevated heart-rate for those couple of hours while I fretted about the pump and whether or not I should wake The Man early and whether or not he'd be able to do something with all stores either closed or closing before we'd have a chance to get back into town was probably enough exercise anyway.




Come & Adore

>> Sunday, December 25, 2016



I Walked Today

>> Friday, December 23, 2016

Only -4 (25F) and still hardly any snow...

Tough to believe it's December 23rd!

Christmas Snowman


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