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>> Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Outside my window... SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!  And I love it that the sun rises early enough that as long as the sky is clear, I don't even need to turn the lights on at 6:30 to read my Bible anymore!  :)

I am thinking... how awesome the forecast looks for this week.  Almost like SUMMER temperatures, they're saying!!

I am thankful... tax season ended yesterday, woo-hoo!  April 30 is deadline day in Canada, but because that was Saturday, the deadline was extended an extra business day.  Life should return to normal around here by the end of this week.  Normal-ish, anyway.  :)

I am going... to be working an extra week or two (part-time), working on finishing up a large project that none of the regular office staff have been able to make time for.  So even though my tax time job will end this week, I will be putting in a few days' work each week until it's completed.  I think once I'm devoting full days to it, it won't actually take me that long.  And the pace will be slightly more relaxed!

I am wearing... my pajama top, black sweats, and a fleece zip-up hoodie.  But I will get dressed before I head out the door to work, I promise!!

I am wondering... as I look around at my clutter-filled office, if I will ever get my home to look the way I'd like it to look.  I think my biggest problem is that I don't really know what that is.  I lack inspiration and patience.  But also the budget to overhaul it.  So you see why I'm wondering about this...

A quote that recently caught my eye...
"Sometimes it's good to save our petitions and requests for another time and seek an audience [with God] for the sole purpose of praise."
~ Living the Psalms, Chuck Swindoll; p185

Man, I hate it when something I'm reading hits me exactly where I need it!  I tell ya, I have had a lot of trouble "enjoying the present" these days.  Our family and many friends have been petitioning, begging, bargaining with God ~ anything for Him to change our circumstances ~ and it all seems to be falling on deaf ears.

And then I read something like this and think... maybe He's just tired of hearing ONLY my complaints about how He's handling my life.  I know there's a risk in thinking "so I'll praise Him instead of petitioning Him, and then He'll finally reward me by giving me what I ask because I've learned the lesson" when that's not necessarily true.  It might work that way, but it probably won't.  It won't affect what's going on around me.  But I know what needs changing the most is not likely my circumstances (as frustrating and discouraging as they may be), but my heart.  And that's where determining to simply rejoice in who He is is key.

I am reading... some fluff (The Emerald Isle by Angela Elwell Hunt ~ last in a 4-part series), and something requiring a little more pondering: Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin.  I also got a few chapters into Tim Allen's rather questionable autobiography, but abandoned it a few days ago.  I wouldn't recommend it.  It's far more vulgar than amusing.

I am hoping... to be able to finalize some summer plans soon.  We're not used to someone else controlling when and how much holiday time The Man can take, so this is yet another adjustment we will need to make.  He requested his holiday time at the end of March, but we still don't know if or how much of it has been approved.

A peek into one of my days...
Saturday.  AJ accompanied me on her bike when I went for my walk and then we
raked up the front yard while Mack set up the trampoline all by herself.

In my garden... On this week's agenda is the planning!  The Man tilled it up yesterday, though most of the seeding won't happen for another 2-3 weeks and none of the plants will go in until the first weekend in June.  But we'll need to figure out what we want and where it will go!

In my kitchen... I think this will be the last week of convenience foods and quick, stove-top suppers.  Not that those aren't good sometimes, but I miss cooking "real" meals and I know my family misses eating them, too.  I say every year before tax season starts that I'm going to be more organized about prepping meals ahead of time to just throw in the slow-cooker, but because I don't normally do a bunch of make-ahead meals, I just can't ever seem to get into that groove.  This year, it's felt particularly difficult.

One of my favorite things...
Open windows!!

How are things shaping up in your neck of the woods?

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Just for Fun 2016

>> Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We were away on the weekend and didn't get home until dark on Sunday, so I didn't get a shot on the 3rd this year.  And then I forgot about it until this morning.
But here we are, all wintery looking still...
despite looking a lot closer to last year's shot just a week ago!!
Oh well, at least it's not cold. 
(Is how I keep trying to console myself!)

Shoveling Snow


Practicing Gratitude [03.10]

>> Thursday, March 10, 2016

Well, today I think the thing I'm thankful for most was a day off yesterday.  Sheesh, I've only just STARTED working again and I'm tired all. the. time.  It's a lot more tiring than I remember!!

This year I'm working every day for 5 hours instead of three 7.5-hr days a week like I had in previous winters, but truthfully, I'm not sure that's any better for my back.  Some days, I feel like it's a good thing, and others I find myself thinking that having those two days at home would be better.  I wasn't expecting to have yesterday off, but it worked out that way, and so I thoroughly enjoyed a nice, quiet, slow day at home.  My back is thankful, too.

I'm grateful to have finished paying off another personal loan at the end of last month.  Both our vehicles are completely OURS now.  And, there will be a bit of extra money to pay off a debt to the government that they've now decided we need to start paying back immediately.  ::sigh::  Naturally, we had other ideas for that money, but I'm thankful it worked out the way it did and we didn't have to start paying that debt in addition to the truck loan.

And I know I've said it a few times here already, but I just can't stop being excited and thankful for the weather lately!  And look what they're forecasting:
That's 48-52F between now and Monday for the "Celsius-challenged." ;)
Seriously, I cannot get enough of the feeling of spring in the air!  I'm grateful for a nice, mild winter that I actually quite enjoyed, but I sure am looking forward to spring and summer.

I'm thankful the girls are doing well in school again this year.  Mack, especially, has worked hard at achieving and maintaining an average of 90% or higher this past term.  Given that she and her art teacher have seemingly had some issues getting along and her mark is quite low in that class compared to all the others (which is a little suspicious because she's actually fairly artistic), we're very impressed she's managed to keep her average that high.  Now we're gearing up for HIGH SCHOOL orientation next week (!!!) and choosing her course load for next year.  She's nervous about moving to a much larger school and a very different education system, but I'm grateful she knows how to work hard and adapt.

What are YOU thankful for?

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