Practicing Gratitude

>> Thursday, July 31, 2014

So, July...


ACK!!  I'm not sure I'm very grateful for that, but I AM thankful we still have five weeks of summer holiday still left.  Whew.

It's felt a little like a "nothing" month around here, which is weird, because my parents came out for a weekend two weeks ago, and then we went camping with The Man's family last weekend.  But I guess since that only accounts for a total of four days in the month and we really didn't have much else going on, that would explain the feeling!

Nonetheless, over the last two weeks I've been thankful for:
  • good relationships with both my parents and my in-laws.  Spending time with our parents/the girls' grandparents is something we all enjoy.
  • very nice weather over the last month ~ felt just like summer should!
  • no real need for a routine
  • the girls had a great week at Bible/Ranch camp
  • the enjoyment we all get from eating a later supper in front of the TV on "MasterChef Mondays"
  • despite being nowhere close to MasterChef material, I am a decent cook and we eat well (ie. no one's losing weight!!)
  • the means to buy whatever groceries I want, whenever I need/want them
  • first garden produce, harvested Tuesday afternoon
  • my girls make being a good parent look easy
  • a good "Tammies Night Out" last week ~ my friend Tammy and I went to see the movie "Tammy" together!
  • a drive home from town in the evening with the windows rolled down because it was just too beautiful a night not to!
  • I can go out for the evening without needing a sitter (or worrying that the house will still be standing when I return!)
  • cool mornings and hot afternoons
  • a fun family camping weekend, even though the weather wasn't perfect for being at the beach this time
  • The Man finally had time to set up the pool on Tuesday before he left for another 10-day shift and despite being filled with very cold well water just yesterday morning, the girls enjoyed a quick cool-down in the afternoon
...just to name a few!

What are you most thankful for today?



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>> Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Practicing Gratitude

>> Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hard to believe we've had THREE weeks of summer vacation already.  It's going too fast, and I worry a little that this summer will end up being one the girls will be happy to put behind them.

Their dad is working away from home in 10-day shifts this summer, which means we see him only every other weekend.  And since those four days are generally spent servicing the semi-truck and catching up on things the girls and I can't do around the house and yard, we didn't bother making any plans this summer.  As far as I know, there will just be one short weekend spent camping this year.  Maybe two.

I'm trying to just be thankful he has a job and to keep a positive attitude about the situation, especially when the girls find it so hard to have him gone all the time, but I struggle with it every bit as much as they do.  I guess that makes it even more important to PRACTICE gratitude.

I am thankful the girls get to spend a week at camp though.  They're trying out a new Bible camp again this year, and while they're both at the same camp at the same time, AJ is technically at "ranch camp" while Mack chose the regular camp experience.  I'm thankful there's a camp nearby that can accommodate their very different interests with an age category that includes both of them (that gets tricky at their ages, I've discovered!), and I'm hoping they will have adapted quickly to the idea of not being able to be in the same cabin.  That's tough when you don't know anyone else there!

I'm grateful AJ and her best friend managed to squeeze in one last playdate before her friend's family moved away this past weekend.  It was only a few hours one evening, but at least it was a little bit more precious time together.  I'm thankful they became such good friends over this past year, but I really hope AJ soon figures out how to be close friends with more than one person at a time!!

I'm thankful summer weather has arrived.  Finally!  I'll admit, I had times when I feared we weren't going to get an actual summer this year, but amazingly, it's been TEN WHOLE DAYS since our last rainfall!!  And other than two cool, breezy days last last week, July has felt very much the way summer is supposed to feel so far.

I'm thankful for warm evenings and bright mornings; for cheery birdsongs and vibrant colours.  I'm grateful for cool breezes through the window at night, and from my A/C and floor vents during the day!  I'm thankful for iced tea, iced coffee ~ both sweet, of course! ~ and frosty mugs.  I'm grateful for a good excuse to paint my toenails, for some new reading material, and the time to savour it all...

What are YOU most thankful for this week?

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