Practicing Gratitude [03.05]

>> Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm so unimpressed I missed last Thursday. I was doing so good with my weekly thankful posts ~ 7 in a row!! Ah well. Good thing nothing really important is depending on this...

I'm thankful for a fun weekend visit from my in-laws.  They brought donuts and their ice cream maker.  'Nuff said.  :)

Actually, they came to watch our girls compete in one of their junior curling bonspiels, as has become their annual tradition.  I'm grateful, too, that the girls had fun and did well.  Both girls' teams made it to the finals in their respective divisions.  AJ's team won, but Mack's lost narrowly.

I'm thankful for a day to reconnect with good friends.  It feels like forever since we've been with them.  Their son used to curl with our girls in the same community club, but has switched to the Town's junior club and so he was actually on the team that beat Mack's.  We and The Man's parents spent the day hanging out together with our friends and trading trash talk.  Mom-in-law and I also took some time out from the bonspiel for a little field trip to our local fabric store with my friend, who's developed a passion for sewing.

I'm grateful for longer days!  Man, I can't WAIT for Daylight Saving Time to begin on Sunday and to extend our evenings that extra hour!!

I'm also thankful our cold weather is supposed to break today.  I really hope it's true.  And not just because AJ's class is skiing today!  Apart from the odd warm day here and there, we've had a very cold 2015.  Today's temps are supposed to rise pretty dramatically and hold much closer to normal for the next week.  Which is awesome.  Because I'm getting tired of windy, -25(-13F) days!  Especially when you know the normal range for this time of year is -15 to -2!!  (5 to 28F)

What are you thankful for today?


February at the Elevator

>> Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One more month and my little grain elevator photo project is finished.
Boy, that'll feel weird!!


Practicing Gratitude [02.19]

>> Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm thankful for another year of marriage.  The Man and I had our 18th (!!!) anniversary on the weekend.  In light of all the hubbub a certain movie has been causing, I can't help but be grateful for a relationship that is COMPLETELY different from the one currently being glorified on screens around the world.

I have a kind, thoughtful, generous husband who does everything he does because he loves his family.  His aim is providing for and protecting his wife and daughters ~ steadfastly building us up, endlessly encouraging us, gently helping us see where we've thought or done wrong, boldly spurring us to become stronger and wiser.  His life is lived in self-sacrificing love.

Our relationship isn't perfect and we hurt each other sometimes.  We get angry and treat each other harshly.  But those times are exceptions to the rule, and I'm grateful for the humility my husband models for me when he asks my forgiveness or readily extends it to me.  And I need it so often.  We're broken, like the rest of humanity.  But we also know the ultimate Healer of brokenness.  As we attempt to live the way He wants us to by the example set by His Son, we experience a wonderful acceptance, freedom, peace, and safety within our marriage that is increasingly rare in our culture.

I have a wonderful husband.  He has the capacity to amaze and infuriate me like no one else!  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm grateful he's working more locally since the weekend, too, which means he gets to sleep at home every day.  It's basically been a full year that he's been working away from home 5-10 days at a time.  And even if he's sleeping all day and driving nights, at least we get to have breakfast or supper ~ and sometimes both ~ together as a family again each day.

I'm also thankful this week to have survived my first "dry needling" therapy appointment!  It's similar to acupuncture, but its concern is the intramuscular stimulation of specific, problem-causing muscles.  An acupuncture-like needle is used to poke around directly on the muscle and if there's a knot in it, it will involuntarily spasm and then relax.  If there isn't, there's just a bizarre tingling sensation.  All in all, it was a very weird feeling.  I'd seen my chiropractor earlier the same day and she realigned my pelvis for me, so between the two of them, my hip/back got thoroughly therapied!  I see her again in about two weeks, and the needle guy in a month or so.  I'm grateful I've got treatment options, and I look forward to unimpeded lower back mobility again.

What are you thankful for this week?


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