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>> Monday, October 5, 2015

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Outside my window...
the trees right in front of the house have lost all their leaves and it's time to rake.  But a damp week is predicted, so I'm not sure when that will get done.  And Shadow is wondering why we're not going for a walk.

I am thankful... for a slow, quiet morning to myself.

In the kitchen... are the dishes from breakfast, heating up the girls' lunches, and The Man's late supper last night.  And the beginnings of a menu plan and grocery list for the week.

I am going... for a walk after I'm finished here.

I am wondering... why these posts take me so long to compose!!

A quote that caught my attention...

I am pondering... why it is so difficult for me to make time for PEOPLE, even the members of my own family.

I am hoping... to feel up to working 3 days a week by the beginning of next month.  I started physio two weeks ago and my physiotherapist believes my hip/back problem to be muscular at the root and therefore, totally fixable.  I have been faithfully doing my exercises and think I've noticed a change in my general posture and also how I walk around the house, which is decidedly different from how I walk outdoors with runners on.

I am reading... nothing at the moment.  I saw a series at the library the last time I was there that I'm interested in starting, but there are also a few books at home that I started a while ago and stalled out on that I feel like I need to make an effort to finish first!

I am learning... that despite being a Christian virtually all my life, there is still so much I don't understand about God and about the victorious life He promises us through His Son.

Around the house... evidence abounds that we had a fairly relaxed weekend!
Canon Powershot SX50 HS
(but for WAAAY less than Amazon's

listed price!!  Even less than
Amazon.COM's current price!)

I am looking forward to... the arrival of MY NEW CAMERA!!  I shopped and compared and dithered and researched and changed my mind and started the whole process over again for three months.  When I finally settled on "the one," it was a model I really didn't have enough money saved up for.  And I was still not even sure that a camera was the best way to spend my birthday money.  In frustration with my own indecisiveness, I decided to forget about it till after Christmas, when I would have enough money and would have had more time to think about it.  It's a lot of money for something I don't really NEED, and I don't want to take things like that lightly.

Then one day I was looking to see if there was any store in The Big City that would have one that I could actually hold and examine the next time we go, and I realized that one chain was blowing them out at ridiculous prices because they've been replaced by a newer model.  And out of only four remaining in the entire province, The Big City had one.  ONE!  The blow-out price dropped it tidily into my current price range and so just like that, the decision was made.  I got the store to hold it until my parents could pick it up for me (which happened a week and a half ago already), and now they're sending it home with my aunt and uncle, who happened to visit them yesterday!  I've been using my phone's camera for just over a year now, since my previous camera stopped focusing properly. It suffices for the most part, but still leaves quite a bit to be desired, so this is very exciting!!  Knowing I didn't rush into it, and ended up getting a great deal as a result, is pretty sweet, too!

One of my favorite things... early fall.  I love those days when the sun is still warm and it feels like summer in the afternoon, but the air is clear and crisp, the skies a deep blue.  I love the feel of the delicious cool night air wafting over me at night. (provided the scent of skunk isn't too heavy in the air!!)

A few plans:  I've invited a friend (who used to be a kid in the youth group The Man and I led several years ago) and her toddler over for coffee one afternoon this week.  I've also invited another mom friend with kids my girls' ages over for supper this weekend.  It will be Thanksgiving up here in Canada and she's a pseudo-single mom like I used to be, with a husband who works out of town for long stretches of time.  If he's not around this weekend, I thought it would be fun to have her and her kids over, since The Man will be away, too, on his annual goose-hunting trip.

Pilgrim Girl 
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The last two days...

>> Saturday, September 26, 2015

...have been absolutely beautiful.  Not only visually, but temperature-wise, too.

On Friday I spent nearly FOUR HOURS shopping and running errands in town ~ a very rare occurrence for me.  I just never take that long!  Mostly, I guess, because I almost never shop for clothes.  But with almost $50 remaining on a gift card I'd received last Christmas and time to kill while the tire shop re-balanced the Journey's rear tires, it seemed the perfect time.

I also spent an unusual amount of time chatting in store aisles and on sidewalks with people I knew.  I rarely see people I know well when I'm running errands and don't often do much more than exchange greetings with anyone, but yesterday, I ran into three people with whom I ended up talking for 10-15 minutes each.  It just seemed like everyone wanted to be out and about in the beautiful fall weather.

It got up to 25°C/77F!  Pretty amazing for this time of year in my neck of the woods.  And it stayed warm all evening long.  The Man left for his night shift just after 6, and since Mack was away at a birthday sleep-over, AJ and I enjoyed it all by ourselves.

We raked some leaves, though just enough to play in ~ there are still far too many leaves on the trees for me to want to waste a whole lot of energy on actually cleaning up the ones on the ground!  But not for long.  While the temperature held to around 14°C/57F overnight, it got rather breezy, so the trees all looked a little different this morning.  But there are still too many leaves NOT on the ground for me to care about raking.  I'm thinking I've got at least another week yet.

I left to go fill up with gas then pick up Mack from her friend's house late this morning.  Her friend's family lives up in the hills about 40 minutes away, and I allowed myself a little extra time in order to savour the drive.  It's just so beautiful this time of year! (but mostly because I'd never been there before, so I wanted to make sure I had enough time to count mile roads, read yard signs, etc.!) 

On the way back home, I decided to deviate from the prescribed route and trust what I'd seen on Google Maps the night before.  While it was definitely not an often-used road and likely doesn't get cleared at all in the winter, it proved to be a very scenic dirt track.  At least for about a mile!  

After that, it was just regular ol' field road, but it was relatively smooth with only two small and easily-navigable mud holes.  And it still took us back to the highway, just like Google Maps had promised, so it was all good.  The rest of the drive was in familiar territory, though for this time of year, it almost looks strange.  October isn't even here yet and so much of the harvest appears to be done.  I suspect this particular farmer was making a statement something along those lines!

The morning had been a bit cloudy and there'd been raindrops on the windshield periodically, but by the time we arrived back home around 1, the skies had cleared and the temperature was 22°/72F.  After a bite to eat, Mack went for a nap (not surprisingly, she hadn't gotten a whole lot of sleep the night before!), AJ went into the windbreak in search of a decent climbing tree, and I went for a walk.  And then it was time for making supper, sending The Man off for another night of work, and reading outside while the girls washed the dishes.

This is truly my favourite time of year and I could not have enjoyed the last two days more.

Raking Leaves 


Practicing Gratitude [09.24]

>> Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's so hard to believe today is the last Thursday in September already.  (Is it just me or do I start an awful lot of posts like that?)

((But seriously, where DOES the time go??))

Anyway, I hope you've been able to enjoy beautiful fall weather in your area.  I know some of you are still in summer (you poor, poor, enviable Southerners!), but most of you are probably noticing a change in the air and on the leaves.  Maybe you've even had frost.  Amazingly, we've escaped it so far.  Friends of ours who live just seven miles down the road from us had a touch one morning a few days ago, but we were just warm enough to remain unscathed.  I'm thankful for that ~ largely because I hadn't cleaned out my garden yet and had forgotten to cover my tomatoes!

But now I've taken care of that, too, so I guess it can go right ahead and freeze.  (although if it doesn't want to for a while yet, I'll be very thankful for that, too!!)

I'm grateful for what little our garden yielded this year.  Some things did quite poorly due to the very dry start, but some actually fared better than in good gardening years, so all in all, I guess it wasn't much worse than average for us!  Today and tomorrow will be pumpkin roasting/pureeing and zucchini chopping days.

I'm thankful for how much the girls have helped out around the house and yard this summer.  Their assistance has been truly invaluable with my mobility challenges.  They don't always do it cheerfully, but quite honestly, I've been surprised how seldom they've complained.  I really do have awesome kids.

And speaking of those mobility issues... I'm grateful for The Man's health insurance plan through work, which kicked in earlier this week!  As a result, I had my first physiotherapy appointment yesterday, and the therapist said she believes I'm "totally fixable!!"  I'm so thankful to finally be talking to someone who actually LISTENS when I talk about the clicking/popping/rubbing in my back/hip.  She heard and felt it several times during the session.  So, after roughly two years of feeling its effect and almost a year after initially seeking medical attention, I'm seeing someone who is confident they understand the problem and can work with me to SOLVE IT.

I'm grateful The Man has a work schedule that allows him time to handle things around the yard, deal with the small business we're in the process of winding down, and enjoy recreational pursuits as well, like the little camping trip we took at the beginning of August, the trip to The Big City he made on his own last week to see his parents (he hadn't seen his dad since before chemo started), and the goose-hunting trip he's planning for next month.  The days he works are long and he doesn't have time for much other than eating, showering, and sleeping, but the four days off in the other half of his rotation are awesome.

What are YOU thankful for today?



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