Practicing Gratitude [11.27]

>> Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday hosted in November by Laurie @ Women Taking a StandWell. Only three days till December.  For REAL!  Yikes.

I've been especially thankful this last week that the snow and extreme cold held off until The Man was around to help the girls finish stacking all our firewood.  They were working away at it for half an hour to an hour here and there, but weren't making huge progress with the heap.  They finished the job with their dad's help on Saturday, just as the first real snow began to fall.  (we ended up getting several inches by Sunday morning)

Other things I'm thankful for:

  • visits with old friends
  • thought-provoking and really good discussion-starting Sunday school material (we're working through David Platt's Radical study)
  • the Bible study group we joined last month
  • no shortage of good books to read
  • filling two Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and contributing some extras to fill others
  • the girls readily accepted my idea of reading a chapter of the Bible to them each morning at breakfast and seem to be quite enjoying it.  We'd tried since summer to spend time reading a chapter together daily, but we seemed to never find a "good" time and the girls often felt like it was an unpleasant obligation, especially when it came to longer chapters or lists of names!  Now that I'm reading it to them while they're eating, they actually seem to look forward to it.  We're following this plan (using our own dates), which tells the Bible's overall story in 365 chapters, making reading through the Bible in a year very manageable for people of all ages.
  • our bright red cardinal is still frequenting our feeder, and looks especially beautiful now against the backdrop of white snow
  • no more volleyball practices to make extra trips to town for (though I'm glad Mack enjoyed her first experience as part of a school sports team)
  • though it's still too full of bins and other stuff, at least the upstairs landing is free of tripping hazards.  And we can see most of the girls' bedroom floor again, too!
  • Mmmmm, Christmas goodies!
There are always so many more things to be grateful for than I have room to write or you have patience to read.  And then we haven't even scratched the surface.

What are you most thankful for today?

(For all my American friends!)


B-baby, It's C-C-COLD OUTSIDE!!

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In celebration recognition of our first -30°C/-22°F temperature of the season...

I saw it on FB a week or two ago and instantly loved it.  Considering Micheal BublĂ© is one of my favourites, that wasn't really a surprise, but I think the whimsical nature of the video is almost better than the voices themselves.  With our current weather, it just seemed so very appropriate. :)

So I'm huddling indoors with my woodstove today. (my outdoor thermometer actually shows 6 degrees colder yet than the "official" temp!)  What are YOU doing to stay warm?



Practicing Gratitude [11.13]

>> Thursday, November 13, 2014

Well, first and foremost this week, I am thankful that Monday's 4-hr round trip for medical appointments went safely.  And without snow!  Here on the Canadian prairies, that time of year has arrived when weather is an undeniable consideration in making ~ and more specifically, keeping ~ travel plans.  We've had a few skiffs already, but nothing major at this point.  In fact, here at our house there isn't even any snow on the ground yet, while just a few miles away there's been a light covering for a few days already.

Stopping at an old roadside park
to check out the ice.
I'm thankful for moments of personal growth.  Last week, I spent the better part of two mornings putting plastic on our windows and I found myself muttering under my breath an awful lot.  I began to wonder why I hated the job so much and I realized it wasn't the job I really resented, but the reality that necessitated it.  I hate that we haven't had the money to replace our old, drafty, falling apart ~ and in some cases, moldy ~ windows.  I resent feeling financially stuck and unable to do even the things that NEED doing, let alone the things we'd LIKE to do.  But then I remembered I'm among the few fortunate in this world just to have a real house.  A roof over our heads and a place to get out of the wind.  A place with running water and two sources of heat (one of which would be almost oppressive at times if our windows WEREN'T drafty!), and filled with things we don't really need.  And I'm thankful for ways to minimize the drafts.

Driving in the shade with snow on the left, blue sky on the right, and sunshine in between!

I'm thankful The Man got a 5-day weekend and could spend some time on things around the house and yard.  Like getting our firewood!   It's too bad he couldn't work a full week ~
The girls both had
volleyball tournaments
this past week.
that's not great from our little trucking company's standpoint ~ but it's been a long time since he's had more than just a day and a half at home, so it was good for all of us.  (And I'm so thankful the reason for the time off was weather-related shut-downs, not truck break-downs!)

I'm thankful for all the rights, freedoms, and privileges we enjoy in this country.  The girls and I attended a Remembrance Day service on Tuesday and one of the speakers asked us to think about what fallen soldiers from the past might think about our current use of freedom.  Would they still be proud to have given their lives for their country, or would they be grieved by how often we abuse our rights and take our freedom for granted?  I must confess, I never give much thought to that perspective, but I want to try and keep it in mind a little more often.  I guess this, too, is an area where I need to think more about what it looks like to live in gratitude.

What are you most thankful for today?


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